Listing Your Workshop

You can create an eye catching profile page with images, text and all your important contact details simply by of completing an online form and selecting a few photos.  Fill in as much detail as you wish, but only sections with information completed will show up on your page, so try to complete as much as possible to help potential customers connect with your business. 

If you don’t already have an account, one will be created for you when you submit your listing.  You will then be able to update and amend your listing at any time by navigating to Your Listings

If you would like us to create the listing for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Below is a step by step guide to listing your workshop:

1. Your email address, Password and Listing Name.

Enter your Email Address.  This will be the username that you use when signing in to FindRepairers.  This can be different to the contact email address below.  Choose a Password for your account. Enter a Listing Name.  This should be the name your repair business is known by and will be the main title of your listing.

2. Location

Enter your workshop’s Location.  If your workshop is open to the public, please enter your full address.  If for security reasons your full address is not usually advertised publicly, please give as much information as necessary to identify the area where you work.  As you enter your address, a map marker will show that location on a map.  You can drag the marker to your desired location and lock its position. 

3. Contact Email and Listing Category

Enter your contact email address. This will be displayed in the contact details section of your listing.

Listing Category is where you  select the instrument types that your workshop specialises in.  Select one or more, as appropriate for your business. 

4. Hours of Operation

If you wish, you can enter your Opening Hours.  First, select the Timezone; for example, London, at the bottom of the table.  Then complete the table as desired.  For a day to be displayed, both the Open and Close column must be completed.  To add additional opening periods, click on the small [+] sign to add a second row.  Free text can be entered as in the example for Friday below.  This will display as “pm – By Appt”.  You can click Preview at the bottom of the List Your Workshop page to see how the information will be presented and then click Edit Listing to make any changes until you are happy with the way it is displayed.

5. Company Logo, Cover Image and Gallery Images

To upload an image file to your listing, click on Choose File and navigate to a suitable image on your computer.

There are three places images are used in a listing.

  • Company Logo

Add your Company Logo, if you have one.  This needs to be a minimum of 150 x 150 pixels.  The image is displayed as a circle. 

  • Cover Image

Add a Cover Photo of you in your workshop. This will be the main image for your listing. A good size for this would be 1600 x 900 pixels but don’t worry too much about this; the website will resize the image to optimize the display.  A photo taken on a smartphone is ideal for this but make sure the camera is held horizontally in landscape orientation.  Try to keep the most important features halfway up the photo as on some large screens the top and bottom of the image will be cropped; positioning yourself just right of centre should look good on all devices / screen sizes.

  • Gallery Images

Here you can add photos you would like share to your Gallery.  This is a great place to show examples of your work, before and after photos etc. or to introduce any other members of your team.  Again, a good size for this would be 1600 x 900 pixels or more.

6. Description

Enter a Description of your business here.  Use the WYSIWYG editor to format the text with the option to have standard, bold and italic text, Bulleted and Numbered Lists and Hyperlinks to information on your website.

7. Website, Phone Number and Video

Add your Website address and Phone Number where customers can contact your.

If you have a Video to promote your workshop, enter the URL here.  You can copy the URL from your browser’s address bar or from the ‘share link’ button of as you are viewing your YouTube or Vimeo video.

8. Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram

Enter your social media accounts here.  Copy and past you Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram URLs to create links to your social media accounts.

When you have finished, click Next to see a preview of your listing.  If you need to come back to your listing later to complete the details, you can click Save Draft at any time.  Draft listings can be resumed from the Your Listings page

9. Submit Your Listing

If you are happy with your listing, click Submit Listing. If you need to make any changes, click Edit Listing to go back to make the changes.  

  Your listing will be live on FindRepairers as soon as it has been approved.