The purpose of FindRepairers is to keep musicians playing by connecting them with great local businesses that can ensure their instrument is always a joy to play! 

It aims to showcase the many talented Repairers, Makers, Luthiers and Ateliers of our industry and the diverse range of services they offer to musicians of all disciplines.  FindRepairers hopes to be the ‘go to’ place to source skilled and reliable craft technicians in the Musical Instrument Making and Repair Trade. 

With fewer music shops on the high street, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for musicians to know where to take their instrument when things go wrong. FindRepairers offers a simple way for musicians to find instrument repairers, technicians and luthiers local to them. 

An intuitive location based search and simple instrument categories means tracking down a technician is made as easy as possible. Map markers link to your listing where you can update contact details, opening hours, and photos of work, etc.

Musical instrument repairers and makers of all disciplines can create an account and list their business on FindRepairers.  The site is free to list and free to use.

List Your Workshop

Listing your workshop on FindRepairers is really simple. There are just a few simple requirements to get your listing looking as great as possible. We are trying to capture the individual character of each workshop, so for the main image, a photo showing you in your workshop would be perfect – any other photographs you want to display can be added to your gallery.

Listing requirements:
  • A cover photo showing you in your workshop – a smartphone photo is ideal for this but make sure the camera is held horizontally in landscape orientation. Try to keep the most important features halfway up the photo as on some large screens the top and bottom of the image will be cropped; positioning yourself  just right of centre works best.
  • A few paragraphs about yourself and the type of work your workshop undertakes.
  • The address of your workshop.  If your workshop is open to the public, please enter your full address.  If for security reasons your full address is not usually advertised publicly, please give as much information as necessary to identify the area that you work in and move the map location marker as desired.
  • The telephone number, email and website address of your repair business, so customers can contact you directly.
Additionally you may add:
  • Your opening hours.
  • Links to your social media accounts
  • Photos you would like share to your Gallery.  This is a great place to show examples of your work, before and after photos etc. You could also introduce any other members of your team – yes this includes pets! 
  • A video – maybe an interview, tour of your workshop, instrument care tips, etc.

When completing your listing, you will need to select the instrument types that you work on; woodwind, brass, string, etc.  You can select as many as required.

All listings are verified before going live. If you would like us to create a profile for you, please email or give us a call.

List Additional Workshops

If you operate from more than one location, you can add additional workshops to your account.  Simply log in to your account and select ‘Add Listing’.  You will be able to manage all your listings from the ‘Your Listings’ page

Claim A Workshop Already Listed

In some cases, we may have already listed your business in a very simplified form.  If this is the case, click the ‘Claim this listing’ link near the top of the page.  Once you have been granted access, you will be able to edit the listing to add photos and update contact details as required.    

Get Started Now

FindRepairers is here to keep musicians playing and to promote the many amazing businesses, large and small, that look after them.